Serena Galini Auditorium: The spirit of Europe

„Beauty without grace is like a rose without fragrance.“ Author unknown 

There are scents that will last forever. Sometimes they are positive, like the scent of your own mother, sometimes they are more negative, like a classroom or the scent of your first girlfriend who left you. Nevertheless, these scents create feelings and images in us.

Now, in winter, I like to remember a special scent that I smelled every year. Always at Christmas time. Punctually and irrevocably. I’ve been looking forward all year to this very moment that was so important, big and magical for me.

It was finally Christmas market again with us in the area! Only the way to the event was wonderful. All the lights at the market stalls, the chants of the choirs, the darkness that made everything seem even more important and bigger.

The real highlight was the annual story telling in one of the marquees. The tent was big. At least that’s how I felt as a child. All the children from the neighbourhood flocked there, because for everyone it was a wonderful event.

The tent was festively decorated and it smelled of delicacies from all corners. The scent of citrus fruits streamed from one corner. There was a huge basket of oranges, lemons and mandarins. Vanilla could be taken from another corner. The aroma was very light. Airy and a little powdery. It radiated a great warmth and familiarity. From the stage, where the reader sat, came the sweet scent of wood and flowers standing on the stage.

Everything together resulted in a beautiful melange of intimacy, closeness, love, tension and excitement.

A fragrance I haven’t smelled since I grew up. I was all the more surprised when I got my hands on a sample of Serena Galini Auditorium: The spirit of Europe There it was, the fragrance I always loved so much, the fragrance I yearned for every year. This intimacy was immediately there again, as if it had never been otherwise. The freshness and closeness that this perfume radiates. Slightly woody notes meet citrus scents and make this fragrance unmistakable and unique. Just like the moment in my childhood.

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