Mario Worms: Parfumsalon Berlin

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.“ Coco Chanel –

Berliners are already a very special kind of person. They know all, they know everything. And even worse they have a very limited radius of movement. That may be due to many things. One is that the Berliner grew up with a wall. Through the wall and the individual city districts, there was no need to drive or walk anywhere. Everything you needed was within walking distance. Everything that had to be experienced by car was practically non-existent. Furthermore, the Berliner is a creature of habit. One goes daily his ways and only rarely to the right or to the left.

So am I.

One evening when I was browsing Instagram again to find new fragrance trends, I stumbled across a shop that had a really excellent selection of fragrances. Small, fine and very well sorted. Again and again I came across this shop and wanted to know a little more. Where might it be? Paris, Munich? No, Berlin!

Oh what. Well, where exactly? At Uhlandstraße 173. Hm, it must be brand new. After all, I live about 150 m away. So I set off and visited Mario Worms in his Parfumsalon. In fact, his shop was exactly on the magic 50 m, which I never walk although it is in direct neighborhood to me.

When I entered the small shop, I was thrilled with the choice. I was a little embarrassed when Mario told me that his business had been around for 15 years and was by no means a newcomer. Admittedly, you can walk past it because it’s a small, inconspicuous entrance. Inside, however, the store is all the bigger.

Mario is a master of his trade and knows nonchalantly how to introduce the customer to new fragrances and inspire them with great calmness and knowledge. More than 1000 fragrances can be explored there. If you don’t find anything there, it simply doesn’t exist.

Amongst others you will find very rare fragrances like UNUM, Bottega Profumiera or Odin New York.

We immediately had a wavelength and I have to say that Mario is a really funny and very sociable guy. In an industry that sometimes takes itself very seriously and important, it’s refreshing. So if you’re ever on the road in Berlin and especially at Ku-Damm, I can only recommend that you pay a visit to Mario and his Parfumsalon.

However, Monday is closed, as there is a hairdresser in the next room who has a rest day on Mondays.

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