Tom Ford: Tobacco Vanille

“Invention was very suspect to him, because it always meant the break of a rule.” Patrick Süskind –

The Great Tom Ford. What can you say to him? My love for him began very early. He managed to create an empire out of the dusty Gucci brand, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. With courage and vision. Breaking taboos and breaking new ground. He turned a brand that threatened to slip into insignificance into something erotic, desirable and exciting. You wanted to have Gucci, no, you had to have Gucci. It was like an inner call. He mixed sex with a playful youthfulness and a pinch of arrogance. He maintains this way of approaching things in all his other projects as well. Be it film, photography or even his scents, which are all UNISEX, by the way. New, unexpected, subtle, always looking at it from a different angle and thus always surprising and exciting.

My first encounter with the scents of Tom Ford was the beard oil Tobacco Vanilla (now I’m not a big beard oil fan per se, but that’s on a different page). The first application was like a revelation. This fragrance was suddenly everywhere. This noticeable warmth, which it radiated, this vanilla, as strong as from grandma’s kitchen and in addition this smoky tobacco smell of daddy from the living room. For me a dreamlike combination. If you like vanilla and tobacco!

After a long time of testing and enthusiasm in the right places, my wife decided to give me Tabacco Vanille in the form of eau de perfume. Finally I was allowed to share this fragrance with people who did not kiss me.

The ingredients of this fragrance are manifold. So of course we have the name-giving aromas like vanilla and tobacco. But there are also a multitude of spices such as a pinch of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, tonka beans and dried fruit. All in all, it reads like a recipe for a delicious gingerbread. This is exactly where the “difficulty” of this wonderful fragrance lies: gingerbread in summer is a NoGo. Who wants to nibble on their gingerbread heart in the outdoor pool?

Tobacco Vanille is for the cooler days of the year. Because of its noticeable sweetness and heaviness, it needs a certain occasion. It doesn’t go well with swimming trunks and slippers, nor with midsummer.

The durability of the fragrance is extraordinarily long. Even after days I still smell it in my property. And it’s always new and unexpected when I run into a shred of scent. Just all of Tom Ford.

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  1. Tom ford tobacco cologne is the best perfume I’ve seen. Although the price is high but extraordinary.

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