Zeromolecole: Lalao

“Aroma: A whisper that the nose hears” unknown

Turin. I sat in the Gran Bar Torino and looked at the cathedral. Blinking in the autumn sun I drank my espresso and pondered over the building opposite. Besides I wrote a few articles and let a little the time pass by.

Suddenly a warm, soft smell flowed through me. Something very well known. Not only well known, but almost familiar. I closed my eyes and found myself in Grandma’s kitchen. She was a warm-hearted woman, always smiling, always mild and with a big heart.

She looked at me and said: “Well, my little one. Would you like some pudding?” Of course I did. Grandma’s vanilla pudding was the greatest thing for me!

A delicious, creamy, soft, warm mass of milk, vanilla, sugar and a dash of honey. This pleasure on the tongue after the first spoon. The taste buds literally rolled over. They danced and cheered. Creating this deep and honest feeling of satisfaction creates very few moments in life. But it was not the ingredients alone. It was rather the love and devotion with which my grandmother stirred the ingredients together.

Exactly this scent I smelled in the bar. It was like a beautiful journey through time. This fragrance catapulted me into the past.

I turned around and saw an older gentleman, which surprised me a bit in the first, second as I had expected to see a lady. Was it a classic women’s fragrance? No, not necessarily, but warm and soft are not exactly very masculine attributes.

The gentleman was very neatly dressed and radiated a certain fatherliness. I approached him, asked him where this fragrance came from – as I often do on the street when people walk past me – and why he had chosen exactly this fragrance.

He said the fragrance was the creation of a good friend of his, a unique woman with a wonderful business and a strong sense of beauty. Stefania Marzufero Boni, in the perfume business for over 20 years. She collects the finest and best essences and perfumes for her shop “Maître Parfumeur” in Piazza Gran Madre.

Under the name Zeromolecole, Stefania creates her own fragrances to convey images, colors and stories, creating little works of art that are sublime beyond time and space.

Her fragrance Lalao is his favourite perfume. He reminds him of his grandmother and her vanilla pudding, which he has always loved so much.

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