Aesop: Marrakech Intense

„Fragrances are the feelings of flowers.“ Heinrich Heine –

Even as a young boy I dreamed of Marrakech. I don’t know exactly where I got this passion from, but this place has always fascinated me. I imagined it to be so full of secrets and mysterious. A little morbid elegance and yet fresh and exhilarating. I thought of jugglers, snake charmers, musicians and sword swallowers. All gathered in one place. In the middle of the city. This thought never left me. That was my picture of Marrakesh.

One day I travelled through the city. I lived in the Riad Enija. A dream from 1001 nights. So beautiful, so light and indescribably lovingly this hotel is arranged. I slept there, because it belongs to a very dear, friendly family and to the other, because it is only about 10 minutes to the world-famous place Djeema el Fna.

Myths and secrets twine around this place. In the evening the whole town gathers there to exchange ideas, eat and watch the jugglers and musicians. Anyone who has ever been to this place or this city will agree with me that there is a special scent there. One you won’t find anywhere else.

The dry desert air still favours this smell. If one stands on the market place and closes the eyes, one clearly smells the different spices like cardamom and cloves. Essential oils and sandalwoods, bergamot and of course roses. All these scents tell a story about the life of the Berbers and the endless expanse of the desert. You feel intoxicated and want to dance, embrace the world. You can smell happiness and it smells exactly like this place.

I was more than skeptical when I learned that Aesop had created a perfume called Marrakech Intense. Should Aesop have succeeded in capturing this fragrance? To compress the mood of the city into a small, inconspicuous bottle?

Yes, they have succeeded.

Even when you first use the fragrance, you feel like you’re standing right in Marrakech. This perfume has something warm and secure. It calms you down in a very sensual way. Like a good friend you haven’t seen for a long time and can finally take back in your arms. The spices that one smells in the fragrance make it clear that they were treasures at that time. Pure luxury goods.

This fragrance is noble without being arrogant. Nobel without any blasphemy. Close and yet distant.

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