Eva Bogner: Parfums Uniques

„A day without fragrances is a lost day.Egypt, author unknown  –

Some encounters in life must be good. They are simply predestined and enrich you on several levels. My wife has been such an encounter, I can definitely say that it was love at first sight. But even if it is not about the great love, there is still the meeting of two people, which gives rise to a certain energy. Eva Bogner with her wonderful store Parfums Uniques is such a person.

But how did this encounter come about? During my nightly tours through the colourful worlds of Instagram, I repeatedly came across a store that inspired me in two ways. On the one hand it was absolutely minimalic designed, on the other hand it had an absolutely outstanding selection of very rare fragrances. I have to admit that I didn’t even know many brands yet and so it was clear that I had to take a close look at this wonderful shop the next time I visited Munich. The store is located directly at the beautiful Gärtnerplatz in Munich’s Klenzestraße 22.

It was a phantastic coincidence that on this day there was an event with the extremely charming and internationally renowned fashion designer Marcel Ostertag in the store. Fashion and perfume. Two hearts beating in my chest and what a wonderful opportunity to get to know the shop and of course Eva Bogner.

My wife and I arrived a little late and were warmly welcomed by the team. Despite all the hustle and bustle Eva Bogner approached me directly. “You must be Christian, I’ve already read a few things about you.” We immediately had a level of understanding and splendid. No matter how many people were scurrying around, she took the time and guided me through the complete assortment.

With Eva Bogner and also the team one notices immediately: the absolute love and devotion to the fragrance. Eva tries to understand who you are, what you are looking for or perhaps to awaken hidden longings. Without much fuss she shows the most exquisite fragrances to the prospective customer and I am thrilled that I get to know new fragrances again and again and also learn something new professionally.

My latest achievement at Parfums Uniques is a fragrance from Japan. Now Japan is not really synonymous with the widespread perfume culture, but these fragrances have really convinced me. The Tobali brand is wonderfully minimalist in design and the fragrance is absolutely fantastic. It was Cypress Mask that inspired me.

Elegant, stylish, discreet and yet present. Just like Eva Bogner with her shop Parfums Uniques. A fantastic place to smell, explore and perhaps learn.

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