Creed: Aventus

„One hundred thousand fragrances seemed worth nothing before this one fragrance. This one was the higher principle according to which the others had to arrange themselves. He was pure beauty.“ Patrick Süskind –

The reader will ask himself why the first article is about Creed Aventus of all things. This fragrance is neither new nor particularly complex, and yet it has a very special significance for me. Creed’s Aventus fragrance was the first „non-commercial“ fragrance I owned. I’ve always been a classic perfumery customer, but since I smelled Creed, I’ve never entered a big perfumery chain again.

One day I strolled again through the KaDeWe in Berlin and smelled myself through an armada of scents. Suddenly there was this scent. At first very weak, then more and more present and complex. The closer I came the more fascinated I was. I had never smelt anything like it before. The top note immediately smells fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, black currant and a touch of bergamot.

This fragrance is extremely masculine. But rather the pithy man. Jason Statham in the film Transporter would smell of it. Big, strong, muscular, a touch of macho. After a certain time, the fragrance unfolds in its entirety. The heart note is what distinguishes this special fragrance. A woody note like birch combines with juniper berry, jasmine, patchouli and rose.

He is the rider on his horse. The scents of the forest have stuck to him. He is tall, strong, proud. He rides past you only fleetingly and yet you never forget his sight and his scent.

The base note is a wonderful combination of amber, oakmoss, musk and vanilla. This base note lasts for days. I took some sweaters out of the closet for weeks and the scent was still present. Very light, dancing, shimmering around me.

Since Oliver Creed created this fragrance in 2010, it has become one of the best-selling niche fragrances in the world.

Never before have so many strangers on the street asked me about my fragrance. Creed Aventus was my first love. Is it my deepest and purest love? No. But you always remember your first love.

For this reason I dedicate my first article to this wonderful fragrance.

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