Nasomatto: Duro

„And the Great Grenouille saw that it was good, very, very good“ Patrick Süskind –

My way led me one beautiful day into the small but very fine perfumery Belle Rebelle“ in Berlin Charlottenburg. Without really intending to buy or looking for something specific, I went inside. I was immediately enthusiastic about this stunning selection. For me as a perfume newcomer it was a step into a completely new, beautiful world.

The owner, Corinna Jakobsohn, is extremely distinguished and knows exactly what her customers want (or should). As in my case. It wasn’t about what I supposedly wanted, it was about fulfilling Corinna Jakobsohn’s mission. It was called: Wear the most masculine scent in the world!

She said: „You are tall, strong, masculine. You can only wear an animal scent and that’s Duro from Nasomatto„.

The first impression is very leathery and tobacco rich. Opulent, oriental, extremely warm, almost perceptible. Well, I must confess that we, Duro and I, did not immediately become friends. Corinna Jakobsohn and I were more like it, but that’s another story.

So I went home empty-handed. Without Duro. The way to Duro actually took a whole year and countless visits to Corinna Jakobsohn. Again and again I smelled it and again and again I denied it. One day it was there. Just like that.

Duro is the fragrance that Mickey Rourke wears in 9 ½ weeks. In the scene in which he storms into the clock tower with Kim Bassinger and they both attack each other in lust. Duro is incredibly masculine, impetuous, wild, animal, erotic and very, very sexy. You wear it either naked or when you have a date with your wife. With a expensive suit, without tie. Outside it’s still 25 degrees in the evening, you stroll home singing, laughing, dancing and kissing in the moonlight. All other moments in life are simply too profane for this fragrance. One shot from the heavy, square bottle is enough to get through the day and beguile the ladies.

I remember a special day in my life when I wore Duro. I had a date with a beautiful woman and wasn’t sure if Duro was a number too much. Well, this woman is now my wife.

Was it Duro? Perhaps. But I am firmly convinced that Duro played a good part in it.

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