By Kilian: Straight to Heaven

„If it’s dirty, kinky, naughty, messy, or just plain wrong, I want it.” Kilian Hennessy –

31.12. the night of the nights. Like every year we had to ask ourselves the big question: where do we celebrate, with whom and how? Fortunately, in mid-October we were invited by our dear friend Marcel Ostertag to a dinner in a small group. One of the best German up-and-coming designers, a self-confessed perfume collector and a subtle genius. And our neighbour in Berlin.

We met an illustrious group of people of all colors. From stylists to models, bankers and DJs. We drank, ate and laughed. What a wonderful evening.

Sometime at a late hour I washed my hands in the Master Bathroom and there was this scent. Unique, clear and yet wicked and mysterious. Carefully I went through the multitude of bottles in the bathroom to find the scent.

And there it was. As if out of nowhere. Straight to Heaven by Kilian.

So soft, so warm and yet so present. A strong note of rum and dried fruit in the top note. In the heart then cedar wood and nutmeg, followed by vanilla and musk.

It was this feeling that only very few fragrances produce. He was able to create a picture, to let appear a character, which one carries deeply hidden in itself. I sprayed the fragrance generously, because I wanted it to be as intense and as close as possible to me. I wanted to embrace him, dance with him.

I wore a tuxedo and felt untouchable! Immortal, mystical, mysterious. Like a being from the night. I saw dancing people at a ball, overflowing tables with flowers and food, music from every corner of the room, dancers and jugglers. I was in the middle of the action, dancing with a mysterious woman, I knew that the room was watching us and I didn’t care because I was a being of the night.

We had a wonderful evening with our friend, one of those evenings that are almost too good. An evening worthy of the end of the year. Straight to Heaven, who opened a door in me that had been locked so far, also contributed a little to this.

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