Armani Privé: Bleu Turquoise

„Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.“ Audrey Hepburn –

Bella Italia. We decided to go to Capri. The light, the people, the scent of the surroundings is always inspiring and spectacular. We stopped for lunch at our favourite restaurant „La Fontelina“. The view of the sea is priceless.

Suddenly it got a little hectic around us. A big table was prepared next to ours and the whole restaurant seemed to be on its feet. Giorgio Armani entered the restaurant with his entourage and took a seat next to us. As it turned out, we got into conversation. We chatted about fashion, cars and of course fragrances. He seemed to have a lot of fun listening to my view of fragrances and showed great interest.

After half an hour he asked his assistant to give him something. It was a small vial. He gave it to me and told me to open it when I had time and leisure. Of course I wanted to open it immediately, because I was really curious what I would smell. Obviously it was a new, as yet unknown scent. Giorgio Armani insisted that I not open it on the spot.

The days went by and I must confess that I forgot the vial. Arriving home it fell into my hands again. I went into my office, sat down, looked devoutly at the little bottle and opened it carefully.

This scent was unlike anything I had ever smelled before. Not new, but amazing in its composition. Unexpected and yet familiar. Fragrances that everyone knows blend into a new, better, bigger fragrance. Capri’s sun seems to be captured in it, it shines so brightly that you can literally feel the warmth and yet it is airy and pleasant through the scent of the sea. The salt of the ocean is tangible. As if after a day at the seaside, it subtly lays on your skin and accompanies you all day long.

This perfume is light. Like an evening in summer in your favourite restaurant. You laugh, you drink and you listen to the sea. Among the numerous Armani Privé scents, Bleu Turquoise is one of the most beautiful for me. A summer scent that goes better with loafers and shorts than with a suit, but is never inelegant. Quite the opposite. It is full of elegance and pride, charm and depth.

No matter where you are, this fragrance creates a feeling of holiday, freedom and life. The incense and the salty notes are omnipresent paired with vanilla and moss to complete the picture in the base note.

Due to the lightness of the fragrance, the silage is unfortunately not very pronounced. Especially fragrances that I love, I would like to smell myself still after hours. Here, at least for me, only reapplying helps.

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