By Kilian: Black Phantom

„Happiness is a perfume you can’t spray on others without getting a few drops of it yourself.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Looking for a new, exciting fragrance, I once again visited one of my favourite perfumeries, the Parfümerie Brückner in Munich. As always, I was warmly welcomed and touchingly looked after in Munich’s oldest perfumery.

I smelled myself through novelties and well-known things, always looking for a new fragrance experience, for new pictures, for a nuance that I didn’t know before or perhaps didn’t notice when I first smelt it. However, I probably already had something in my head that didn’t really want to coincide with all the scents, because I didn’t really find it.

An extremely nice advisor, who diligently went to my hand, seemed to understand more and more what I was looking for and showed me the scent Black Phantom by Kilian.

The first, pure sight drove me fear into my face and released very strong reactance with me. The box in which the fragrance is packaged is adorned with a huge skull and crossbones and is more reminiscent of Philipp Plein than of a dignified fragrance. Now PP is not exactly known for style and class, nothing the less my consultant remained persistent. I do not want to be deterred by the box, because what it would contain would be a fantastic journey into another world.

The first impulse was caramel mixed with a hint of rum and coffee. Each note on its own already wonderful in its combination but stunning in its entirety. The vetiver and the sandalwood can only be smelled a while later, but the top notes complement each other perfectly.

After the second smell I found myself on an old sailing ship in the middle of the ocean again. My crew was still asleep, the sea was smooth and calm. I stroked my long beard and stood at the railing, blinking into the sun and looking at the open sea.

In my hand I held a cup of fresh coffee, which I had added with a shot of rum. I knew that the English fleets were on our heels and that we would fight the final battle today. Even though death is the constant companion of us pirates, I felt good, strong and invincible. For this reason we live this here and now as intensely as possible.

I had to have this scent. It was outstanding, big and complete in its composition. Warm and yet not overblown. This feeling of strength, of life, of addiction to more!

Black Phantom is certainly not a fragrance for everyone. But not every man is born to be a captain either.

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