Diptyque: Tam Dao

„Memory is the perfume of the soul.“ Earl John Russel –

Paris. History mates with modernity. History combines modernity and hedonism with love and longing. Smells on every corner. Sometimes I just sit down on a park bench and close my eyes. I then try to see with my nose. What could the person look like who is passing me right now? What does she wear? I prefer to do it in the evening when the city calms down, the air becomes clearer and the sounds quieter. It smells, tastes, stinks from every corner. All this together makes up the scent of a city, the scent of Paris, this city that I love so much!

I usually sleep in the Ritz Paris and stroll along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower. The whole thing is incredibly calming and yet so inspiring. The small stands along the Seine. From books to jewellery all kinds of things are offered for sale.

On the way back I always head for the boutique of Diptyque. My wife and I are crazy about Diptyque and its scented candles. Our apartments are full of them and with their scent they create a unique potpourie, the unmistakable scent of „home“.

On the way I usually think about what I would like to do, what I smelled on the way and how to wrap the scent in a candle, in the quiet hope to find exactly this scent at Diptyque. My wife is happy about nothing more than the small fragrant gifts from Paris.

I enter the shop with the words: „It should rain! „My trusted advisor is immediately on the spot and calmly says: „Where is it going to rain? I am excited: „Here, right here! In the Jardin des Plantes! My advisor smiles gently and replies: „So then, let it rain.“

He hands me a fragrance called Tam Dao. I’m not really ready for a perfume, but I open the transparent, bulbous bottle and smell the tester.

All of a sudden I walk through the Jardin des Plantes. It will soon start to drizzle and I smell the humidity in the air. The wind freshens up and generously spreads the aromas of the garden.

Then the rain comes, the soil and flowers are immediately wet and give off an aroma that only develops with moisture. It smells of grasslands, wet meadows, damp wood, all kinds of spices, of lightness and freedom. On only a few warm rainy days you want to take off your clothes and feel the rain on your bare skin, one of them is today.

The fragrance is as light and yet multi-layered, not fragile or subtle. Clearly structured. Especially the cypresses are clearly recognizable. In combination with a hint of lemon scents, as if the trees were right next to you. Then even more woods, sandalwood, cedar wood, rosewood. Like the exhilarating walk through the beautiful park. Just like the Jardin des Plantes.

I open my eyes again. My advisor smiles at me and says: „And? Has it rained? I just said: „Yes, my dear. And it was more beautiful than ever“.

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