Escentric Molecules: Molecule 01

„In the evening, everything you’ve planted smells the sweetest.“ Johann Anton Leisewitz 

There are fragrances that simply take a back seat, but shouldn’t, because they are so gorgeous that you should smell them every day. One such fragrance is Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules.

I made a hike through Sweden’s forests. Nature in itself is worth a trip, but the country, the people, the light and the scents made this excursion an unforgettable experience.

We started at a forest area in Malmö and walked through the wilderness without seeing a single person for a week. After about 2 days we came to a big lake, which glittered splendidly and sublime in the middle of the forest. The clouds and trees reflected in the surface and by the reflections of the light one had the feeling that in the middle of the lake lay a gigantic gold treasure.

Whenever I am in special places, I close my eyes and try to smell things I may not have seen at first glance. So also here. It smelled damp, but pleasant, like freshly washed laundry. In addition there were the scents of mosses and lichens on the lake. Like after a fresh summer rain. The woods drifting on the shore. Everything so perfect and clear. No nuance overlaid the other. None was stronger or weaker. All together were infallible in their composition and resulted in a harmony in which one wanted to remain forever.

After years I should have almost repressed this scent, but not forgotten it.

I was with my wife in a wonderful restaurant when I saw my colleague on the other side of the room. When I approached to greet her, there was this fragrance again. This lightness, this freshness that embraces you and never lets you go, the ferns dancing in the wind, drops of water on the moss. This perfume was a perfect match for her. Dressed her immensely and underlined her winning nature.

Immediately Escentric Molecule 01 was present again. There is only one fragrance that smells like this. For years it was my favourite scent. People twisted their necks when I walked past them, only to smell it even longer. Escentric Molecule 01 was the first niche fragrance to leave the niche. It was sold not only in perfumeries but also in concept stores and fashion stores. This also explains the meteoric rise of perfume.

This fragrance is a faithful companion. Never moody. No matter what the occasion, no matter what the situation. It is said that Escentric Molecule 01 smells different with everyone. I can’t confirm that. But not everyone can wear it. You need attitude, self-confidence, a certain inner greatness. You are approached by strangers on the street and „smelled“ because it is one of the best fragrances ever composed.

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