Azzaro: Azzaro pour Homme

„Ready little boy? … I don’t expect a speech. A simple yes would be enough for me.“ From „The Scent of Women“ 

I plead guilty.

I am guilty of being extremely sentimental at times, of appreciating the past and of protecting it like a gem. I like traditions which, much to my regret, are less and less cultivated. For example, I love the tradition of coffee and cake in the afternoon, unfortunately, due to increasing lactose intolerance and high blood pressure I can only rarely indulge this.

I also love Sunday roast. The whole family comes together and meets at a richly set table to eat a delicious meal together. Only I remain more and more often away from such family meetings, since I mutated meanwhile to the hobby vegan.

These are the Sundays I miss the most. From Monday to Saturday I was looking forward to this one wonderful day. The men wore chic suits, the ladies and girls great dresses. Sometimes airy in summer, sometimes in muted colours, but always elegant. People laughed, ate, drank and just had fun.

But above all I remember scents. The roast smelled excellent, of course. My mother spent hours in the kitchen to make the guests happy. The fresh arrangement on the table smelled of the flowers from the garden. Sometimes it was more roses, sometimes lilies, sometimes it was dahlias and chrysanthemums.

But the fragrance that was most memorable for me was the fragrance of my father.

For special occasions he always wore his favourite perfume Azzaro. It smelled like men. Male. Adult and authentic. Authentic and beyond all doubt. Of course with a dash of tobacco, moss, musk. One smells the sandalwood and the light vetiver note. Only slightly, so as not to overlay all the other notes. Of course, I didn’t know anything about these scents at the time. It just smelled familiar, warm and cozy. Just a fragrance for men, nothing for boys.

I confess that I haven’t smelled the perfume for a long time and only lifted it out of spiritual contemplation in 2007 after a review by Luca Turin. I still love this fragrance and can only agree with Luca Turin that it is one of the best fragrances in the world.

This fragrance is everything. It can be obscene and loud. I imagine the designer Valentino sitting tanned in his convertible driving along the Cote d’Azur and smelling of Azzaro. But it can also be subtle and discreet in the background. So I can imagine Prince Charles smelling like Azzaro at a reception.

Above all, however, the scent makes one thing happen. It smells familiar, homey, calming and very mature.

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